Compression Spring
We have a wide variety of choices under the helical open-coil springs that are wound around the axis. We offer a good mix of types, diameters, length and load variation in compression springs. Our focus is that Bellite's compression springs should be able to let the customer's mechanical device or equipment achieve optimum functionality.
Application Material* Size * Type Of Ends* Surface Finish*
Tractor Eng. Part Spring Steel Gr 2 As per
IS 4454( Part 1) 1981
W.D. 0.15 To 6.00mm* As per customer requirement ABS00010
Vehicle Eng. Part Spring Steel Gr 3 As per
IS4454 ( Part 1) 1981
OD :- 3.00mm to 40.00mm* Closed & Squared Alkaline Zinc Plating
Electrical Part Spring Steel SM,DM SH,
DH IS4454( Part 1) 20011
Free Length 7.00mm To 156.00mm* Closed & Grounds Zinc -Iron plating Hexavalent Chromium Passivation
  Spring Steel SH, DH   Open & Grounds  
  ISO 8458      
  ASTM A228      
  EN10270-1     BAS:- 06004
  JIS G3522     Zinc Plating Passivation
  Spring Steel SM,DM     zinc Plating Lacquering
  ISO 8458-2      
  ASTM A227     ES-VE-064
  EN10270-1     Yellow Cromate
  JIS G3521      
  Stainless Steel     Phospeting
  IS: IS4454 (Part 4) 1975     Oiling
  AISI 302     Blocodising
  AISI 304      
  ASTM A313      
  DIN 17224      
  Mild Steel      
  IS: 226-1975